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Small Study connects REM sleep behavior disorder with ‘Lewy Bodies’ in brain People who physically act out their dreams while sleeping have a significantly increased risk of developing a specific kind of dementia, a new study contends. “Dementia with Lewy bodies” is the second most common form of dementia in the elderly. A Lewy body […]

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Older Americans who have hearing loss have an accelerated decline in thinking and memory abilities, compared to those with normal hearing, according to a study published in JAMA Archives of Internal Medicine. Those with hearing loss experience a 30% to 40% greater decline in thinking abilities compared to their counterparts without hearing loss, according to […]

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Remember the game “telephone”? Someone starts by saying a sentence to the person next to them. That person then turns to someone else and repeats what they heard. Somehow, by the time the sentence gets to the last person in line, it’s all mixed up and barely resembles the original. Apparently our memories operate in […]

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